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INSTRUCTIONS: Please print or type all required information clearly. Along with your
application, you must submit the fee, certificate of insurance, completed inspection form,
and taximeter inspection form must be attached or this application will not be accepted.
Applicant Name:_____________________________ Company Name:_________________________
Address:______________________________ City/State/Zip:__________________________________
Daytime Telephone:_____________________ Evening Telephone:_____________________________

Name of Insurance Company:______________________________ Contact Name:_________________
Address:_____________________________________ Telephone Number:_______________________
Policy Number:________________________________ Policy Length:___________________________
 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number

 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number
 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number
 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number
 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number
 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number

 Make Year Passengers Color VIN Plate Number
I hereby certify as follows that:
1. I shall abide by all the regulations outlined in the Taxi Ordinance, Chapter 7, Article II of
the City Of Portsmouth Ordinance.
2. I shall not continue to hold a permit if my taxicab is inactive for a period of thirty
consecutive days.
3. I have insurance coverage and will maintain insurance coverage throughout the
length of
the medallion of not less than $100,000 for injury to one person and a total coverage of

not less than $300,000 for each accident and insurance coverage of not less than
$50,000 per occurrence for property.
4. I shall abide by the rates set by the City Council and a schedule will be posted on the

exterior of every taxicab that I own.
I also hereby submit the following required information:
! $100.00 Medallion Fee (per medallion)
! Certificate of Insurance (Facsimile copies are not acceptable. The certificate must be signed
by an authorized insurance representative)
! Taxi Inspection Form (approved by City of Portsmouth)
! Approved Taxi Meter Inspection Form (approved by State Bureau of Weights and Measures
Taxi Owner Signature:_____________________________________ Date:_____________________
Printed Signature Name:___________________________________



Applicant Name:_____________________________ Company Name:_________________________
Plate Number:_______________________________ Medallion Number:_______________________
1. Date of Inspection:________________________

2. Vehicle Identification Number:________________________________________________________
3. Year Vehicle Manufactured:_________________
4. Make of Vehicle:__________________________
5. Model of Vehicle:_________________________
6. Primary Color of Vehicle:___________________
7. New Hampshire State Inspection Sticker Number:_____________________ Expires:____________
8. Were both license plates attached to the vehicle (circle one): YES / NO

9. Were the tires bald (circle one): YES / NO
10. Was the fare card visible (circle one): YES / NO
11. Were there any cracked windows (circle one): YES / NO If yes, how man windows:______________

12. Was there any visible vehicle damage (circle one): YES / NO If so, specifically describe below:
13. Was a roof light on the vehicle (circle one): YES / NO
14. Is the roof light removable (circle one): YES / NO
15. Is there writing on the roof light (circle one): YES / NO
16. Is the vehicle door’s clearly lettered and fares listed (circle one): YES / NO
17. Is the lettering three (3) inches or higher (circle one): YES / NO
18. Is the lettering removable (circle one): YES / NO
Name of Inspector:_______________________________
Signature of Inspector:____________________________ Date of Inspection:_________________

Section 7.201: TAXI OR TAXICABS The term "taxi" or "taxicabs" shall mean any motor vehicle used for the transportation of passengers for hire, the destination and route of which are under the direction and control of the passenger; except that this Ordinance shall not apply to the following: A. Limousine services, which provide designated luxury or specialty vehicles by prior appointment for discrete functions; B. Limousine services whose operator is limited to the transport of passengers by prior appointment from locations within the City of Portsmouth to destinations located outside of the City or the reverse.
Section 7.202: OWNER
The term “owner” as used in this Ordinance shall be construed to mean any person or business entity having the ownership or leasehold of any vehicle used or licensed to be used in the taxi business.
Section 7.203: OPERATOR
The term “operator” as used in this Ordinance shall be construed to mean the person driving or having control or possession of said motor vehicle while the same is being used in the taxi business.
Section 7.204: TAXI STAND
The term "taxi stand" as used in this Ordinance shall be construed to mean such portion or portions of the public street or highway as shall be designated by the City Council of the City of Portsmouth as a place in which taxis may stand or park.
Section 7.205: MEDALLION
The word "medallion" as used in this Ordinance shall be construed to mean the permission

granted by the City to the owner of any vehicle used in the taxi business to engage in the taxi business and to use the particular motor vehicle so registered in the taxi business.

There is hereby created a Taxi Commission, the members of which are to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. The Commission shall be comprised of one (1) Councilor, one (1) member of the business community, three (3) citizens of the City of Portsmouth selected at large, the Chief of Police or his/her designee, and one (1) individual actively engaged in the taxi business who shall be selected for approval of the City Council by
the vote of those individuals or entities holding taxi medallions at the time of the selection on a one (1) vote per medallion holder basis. The Taxi Commission shall serve co-terminus with each City Council and shall annually elect one of its number to be Chair.
This Commission shall enforce all local and state laws affecting the ownership, licensing and
operation of taxi cabs in the City of Portsmouth. It shall diligently see that all rules and

regulations are enforced and shall exercise its power of license and medallion suspension and/or
revocation when it determines that such action is warranted by majority vote after notice and
opportunity to be heard has been afforded by the Commission to the affected licensee or medallion holder. Said Commission shall oversee the activities of the Taxi Inspector, acting
through the Chief of Police. Said Commission shall meet on call of its Chairman or at the
request of three (3) of its members within five (5) days of such request. Any decision of this Commission may be appealed to the City Council.
There is hereby created the office of the Taxi Inspector who shall be an officer of the Portsmouth Police Department assigned to said position by the Chief of Police. Said officer, in addition to

his or her regular duties, shall exercise control over taxicab operations to the extent set forth in
this Ordinance. The Taxi Inspector shall investigate all taxi complaints, inspect the operations and safety of vehicles and enforce all state and local laws pertaining to taxis.
If the Taxi Inspector determines that any violation of state or local law has occurred, the
Inspector may take one (1) or more of the following enforcement actions. A. Issue a Defective Equipment notice to the owner and/or operator of the taxi requiring
correction of the defect with 24 hours with proof of correction provided to the Police Department to avoid automatic suspension of the taxi medallion. The taxi medallion will be immediately surrendered to the City Clerk after 24 hours if proof of correction is not provided to the Police Department. B. Remove the medallion from the taxi in violation until the violation is corrected and proof of correction is provided to the Taxi Inspector.

C. Suspend any medallion or license, after providing notice and an opportunity to respond to
the affected medallion holder or licensee, with any such suspension appealable to the Taxi Commission. D. Recommend that the Taxi Commission suspend or revoke any medallion or license. Section 7.210: MEDALLIONS AND INSPECTIONS REQUIRED
A. No person or business entity shall engage in the taxicab business in the City of Portsmouth without first having obtained a medallion for each taxi to be used from the City Clerk. The Clerk shall not issue a medallion until he or she has received all of the
following: 1. Written authorization from the Taxi Commission; 2. Written notification from the Director of Public Works (or designee) that
the taxi issued a medallion meets all criteria contained in this Ordinance. 3. Each taxi issued a medallion in the City shall be inspected each year in the month of April for compliance with the requirements in this Ordinance. B. Taxi medallions may not be transferred from one vehicle to any other vehicle except when the following actions have been performed in advance of the transfer: 1. The City Clerk has been provided with the identification and certificate of
insurance related to the transferee vehicle. 2. The City Clerk has been provided with written notification from the Director of Public Works (or designee) that the transferee vehicle meets all criteria contained in this Ordinance. 3. The City Clerk has received payment of a thirty dollar ($30.00) per vehicle
transfer fee from the medallion holder. C. No taxi medallion shall be issued to any taxi owner or entity controlled by that owner or
its principals when the effect of the issuance would be to provide that owner with greater
than one-third (1/3) of the total outstanding taxi medallion Section 7.211: LICENSE REQUIRED
A. No person shall operate any vehicle used in the taxicab business in the City of Portsmouth without first having obtained a license from the City Clerk. B. When a licensee changes his or her address, he or she will, within seven (7) days of such
change, notify the City Clerk in writing. C. The City Clerk shall issue a taxi operator’s license to any individual who shall satisfy the

following criteria:
1. Provide evidence of possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. 2. Provide written notification from the owner of a medallion-bearing taxi
that the potential licensee has been offered employment as a taxi operator. 3. Provide a written recommendation from the Chief of Police or his/her designee which will not be issued by the Police Department prior to the performance by the Police Department of a criminal and motor vehicle
records examination of the application. A taxi operator’s license shall not be authorized for any individual who is shown to have any of the
following disqualifications: a. The individual has three or more convictions for moving
violations, in this or any other state, in the three full years prior to
the date of the application. b. The privilege of the individual to operate a motor vehicle has been
revoked and/or suspended at any
time, in this or any other state, in
the three full years prior to the date of the application, for any
reason related to the operation of a motor vehicle. c. The individual has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, in
this or any other state, in the seven full years prior to the date of the
application. d. The individual has been convicted of a felony involving a
controlled substance or violence, in this or any other state, in the
fifteen full years prior to the date of the application. Section 7.212: MANDATORY SELF-REPORTING OF TAXI OPERATOR MOTOR
VEHICLE AND CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS Any person holding a taxi operator’s license shall report each and every driver’s license
suspension, driver’s license revocation and conviction of any criminal or motor vehicle offense
to the City Clerk within seven (7) days of receipt of the suspension, revocation or conviction. Failure to comply with this provision shall be cause for immediate revocation of the taxi operator’s license of the person who fails to make the report. Section 7.213: FEES AND TERMS FOR MEDALLIONS/LICENSES A. All medallions and licenses granted under this chapter shall continue and remain in full force and effect for a period from the first day of April each year until midnight on the 31st day of March of the following year. B. The fee for a medallion shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) each year or any part of a year, prorated on a monthly basis commencing on April 1st for each taxi cab payable in
advance on application for the medallion
C. The fee for a license shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per year or any part of a year, prorated
on a monthly basis commencing on April 1st. D. The fee for restoration of any medallion that has been revoked shall be one hundred
dollars ($100.00), except that when the revocation is due to failure to meet vehicle
inspection requirements, no fee shall be due if the vehicle is repaired to the satisfaction of
the taxi inspector within 24 hours of the revocation. Section 7.214: MEDALLION/LICENSE SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION &
A. The Taxi Commission shall have the authority to suspend or revoke any medallion or
license issued pursuant to this Ordinance in the event that the Commission finds that the medallion holder or licensee has violated any provision or the Ordinance. B. A taxicab operator’s license shall be revoked for any violation of Federal or State law or

for three convictions of violations of local traffic ordinances. C. Prior to the suspension or revocation of any medallion or license, the Taxi Commission
shall notify the affected medallion holder or licensee of the pending suspension or
revocation and the reason therefore. The Commission shall also provide the affected medallion holder or licensee with a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Commission prior to the suspension or revocation. D. The Chief of Police or his/her designee shall have the authority to immediately suspend
the taxi operator’s license of any individual who performs any act or makes any statement which creates an imminent threat or risk to the safety of any person. In the event of suspension for this reason, the person whose license has been suspended shall have a
right of appeal of the Taxi Commission pursuant to the applicable provisions of this Ordinance. Section 7.215: APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF MEDALLIONS OR LICENSES All applications for renewals of medallions or licenses must be filed with the City Clerk no later
than the first of June of any year in order to keep the renewal privilege. The City Clerk may issue
renewal medallions or licenses at any time thereafter. Section 7.216: TRANSFER OF MEDALLIONS No medallion held by a person or business entity shall be transferred to another except in

accordance with the following procedure: A. Notice of proposed transfer shall be delivered to the Taxi Commission at least 14 days prior to the date of the proposed transfer. B. The application for transfer shall contain the name(s) and address(es) of the proposed
transferee(s). In the case of a transfer to a business entity, the names and addresses of the principals of said entity shall be given. A change in such principals shall be deemed a
transfer of medallions.
C. The Taxi Commission shall, in accordance with the terms of this Ordinance, approve or disapprove the fitness of proposed transferees as medallion holders within 14 days after
receipt of notice of the proposed transfer and report its findings to the City Clerk. D. Any medallion transferred other than in accordance with the foregoing procedure, or without the approval of the Taxi Commission, shall be void and such medallion shall at once be surrendered to the City Clerk. Section 7.217: EXPIRATION OF MEDALLION
No person or business entity holding a medallion to operate a taxicab hereunder, which said
taxicab is not in actual operation as such for a period of 30 consecutive days, shall continue to
hold the medallion for such taxicab and shall deliver up the same medallion to the City Clerk of said City and such medallion shall forthwith terminate and expire.

Section 7.218: INSURANCE A. No medallion shall be issued to any taxi until the applicant shall have filed with the City Clerk satisfactory proof of personal injury and property damage liability insurance
coverage for each medallion bearing taxi for the full time period of the medallion. The personal injury coverage shall not be less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000)
for injury to one person with a total coverage of not less than three hundred thousand
dollars ($300,000) for each accident. The property damage coverage shall be not less
than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) per occurrence. B. If required insurance coverage terminates, expires or is suspended, the medallion shall
immediately terminate and expire and must immediately be returned to the City Clerk. All required insurance policies shall contain a provision, which will provide for the
automatic notification by the insurer to the City of the cancellation or expiration of the policy. Said notice shall be mailed to the City Clerk.
Section 7.219: RATES FOR TAXI FARES A. No taxicab shall be operated unless it is equipped with a meter in good condition
calibrated by an individual authorized by the State of New Hampshire to record the

amount to be charged on each trip, which amount shall be shown in figures visible to the passenger. All meters must be approved in advance of use by the Taxi Inspector and
sealed at all times to prevent tampering or adjustment except in the presence of the Taxi Inspector. Any violation of this provision shall be cause for immediate thirty (30) day
suspension of the affected medallion. Any second violation by any medallion holder during any calendar year shall be cause for permanent revocation of all medallions issued
to that medallion holder.
B. No owner or driver of a taxicab shall charge a greater sum for the use of a taxicab within
the City than in accordance with the following rates: 1. Three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) for the first one-eighth (1/8) mile or fraction
hereof, and forty-five cents ($.45) for each additional one-eighth (1/8) mile or
fraction hereof; except that where more than one passenger is carried in the same party there shall be an extra charge of one dollar ($1.00) for each person; provided, however, that in determining the fare for extra passengers, no child
twelve (12) years of age or under shall be counted as such a passenger. (Amended
4/12/2004). 2. Forty-five cents ($.45) per minute for waiting time. 3. There will be no charge for any bag, suitcase or ordinary light traveling baggage, weight not to exceed fifty (50) pounds. 4. A twenty percent (20%) discount shall be afforded to any passenger who is age
sixty (60) or over. Section 7.220: POSTING OF RATES Each taxicab shall keep its actual rates posted in a conspicuous place on the exterior of the vehicle. Section 7.221: MARKING
A. Roof Light: Each taxicab shall have a roof light attached to the roof of said taxicab with
the firm name or the word "Taxi" inscribed thereon and operating during evening hours when the taxi is on duty. B. There shall be no lights on taxicabs, except those required by law. C. Other Markings: Each taxicab shall have the medallion holder’s name permanently
displayed on the sides thereof in letters not less than three (3) inches in height. Section 7.222: MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TAXICABS Medallions for not more than twenty-five (25) taxicabs shall be in force at any time. Each medallion shall authorize the operation of one taxicab only. One of the twenty-five (25) medallions shall be reserved at all times and made available only to a taxicab which is of sufficient size, construction and equipment to allow for the access and egress of handicapped
individuals, including passengers utilizing electric wheelchairs, without requiring such
passengers to be removed from the wheelchairs. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Ordinance, the vehicle to which is issued the taxi medallion dedicated to handicapped

accessibility, may be a vehicle designated to carry up to nine (9) passengers.
Section 7.223: RECIPROCITY WITH OTHER MUNICIPALITIES Taxicabs which are duly licensed in other municipalities may deliver passengers from outside the City to destinations within the City or pick up passengers by prior arrangement in the City for delivery to destinations outside the City. Section 7.224: TAXICAB STANDS A. No owner or operator of any taxicab shall allow or permit the same to remain standing or parked unattended for longer than five (5) minutes at any taxi stand. B. No driver shall park his taxicab in a double line at a public stand nor shall any driver park
his vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian, at any location. C. No more than two (2) taxis owned by any medallion holder shall occupy any one taxi stand at any one time. Section 7.225: OPERATOR’S LICENSE TO BE DISPLAYED
The operator of any taxicab shall keep his/her taxi operator’s license which shall contain a clear photograph of the operator in a conspicuous place therein where the same may be seen by any
passenger riding in said cab. Section 7.226: PLATES Each person holding a medallion under this Chapter shall be furnished by the City of Portsmouth with two (2) license plates of suitable design, each to have displayed upon it the word “TAXI” and the medallion number assigned to such vehicle and shall have those plates permanently
attached in a conspicuous place on the front and rear of the motor vehicle operated under such medallion. Section 7.227: TAXI CONDITION
All taxis shall be maintained in a safe, clean and sanitary condition at all times. Section 7.228: STOPPING
Taxi operators shall not stand or park on any street except at designated taxi stands or bus stops, except while actually engaging in taking on or discharging passengers. Section 7.229: GENERAL PROVISIONS A. All licenses and medallions remain the property of the City to be returned to the City in
the event of revocation or suspension. B. When requested by a passenger any operator shall give a written receipt for the fare paid
to the said passenger.
C. Multiple fares are prohibited without the consent of each passenger. D. No operator or occupant of any taxicab shall be permitted to utilize smoking materials of any kind within the taxicab at any time. The owner of each taxicab shall post a notice in
each taxicab, plainly visible to all occupants of the taxicab, reading, “No Smoking.” E. Compliance with State and Federal Law (Added 05/21/2012) Every owner and holder of a taxi medallion shall operate at all times in compliance with
all applicable state and federal law, including but not limited to provisions relating to the property designation of employees as compared to independent contractors, worker’s compensation, federal income tax withholding, and social security. The business records of each owner or medallion holder demonstrating compliance with this provision shall be made available on demand for review by City officials engaged in the enforcement of this ordinance. Click Here For More Taxi Info.