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Taxi Service Portsmouth NH, Taxi Service Portsmouth, Surrounding Seacoast Area, Airport taxi transportation, Credit Cards Accepted, Supplied Here Is A Very Easy Form To Fill Out And Submit, Please Fill In Required Fields And Click Submit And There Will Be Quick Response, Appointments Are Accepted And Suggested. For More Info Follow Here To Our Taxi Info Page.

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For public knowledge our taxi drivers that are employed with BobKat Transportation LLC have to obtain a Taxi Operator License with the City of Portsmouth, N.H. which is done by providing a completed Taxi Operator License Application fully and accurately.  At the time of submission, the following must be included or the application will not be accepted:

1. Taxi Operator License Application, 2. $50.00 Application Fee, 3. 2 Passport Size 2x2 photographs (no prior year photographs will be accepted) and they must be 2"x2" passport size or they will be returned, 4. Statement from employer (intent to employ), 5.Criminal Record (processed from the State Police Division of the Safty Department), 6. Motor Vehicle Driver Record (processed from the N.H. Department of Safety), 7. Copy of State Driver's License, 8. Signed copy of statement of understanding.

Statement Of Understanding

Below is the list of rules and regulations that pertain to all taxi license holders within the City of Portsmouth. By signing this Statement of Understanding you are hereby stating that you have thoroughly read and understand each section of the City of Portsmouth Ordinance stated below and are hereby held responsible for any and all infractions to these rules.

Section 7.211: License Required
A.  No person shall operate any vehicle used in the taxicab business in the City of Portsmouth without first          having obtained a license from the City Clerk.
B.  When a license changes his or her address, he or she will within seven (7) days of such change, notify the      City Clerk in writing.
C.  The City Clerk shall issue a taxi operator's license to any individual who shall satisfy the following criteria:
     1.  Provide evidence of possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license.
     2.  Provide written notification from the owner of a medallion-bearing taxi that the potential license has               been offered employment as a taxi operator.
     3.  Provide a written recommendation from the Chief of Police or his/her designee which will not be issued           by the Police Department prior to the performance by the Police Department of a criminal and motor                 vehicle records examination of the application.  A taxi operator's license shall not be authorized for any           individual who is shown to have any of the following disqualifications:
          a.  The individual has three or more convictions for moving violations, in this or any other state, in the                  three full years prior to the date of the application.
          b.  The privilege of the individual to operate a motor vehicle has been revoked and/or suspended at                      any time, in this or any other state, in the three full years prior to the date of the application, for                      any reason related to the operation of a motor vehicle.
          c.  The individual has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, in this or any other state, in seven full                years prior to the date of the application.
          d.  The individual has been convicted of a felony involving a controlled substance or violence, in this or                  any other state, in the fifteen full years prior to the date of the application.
Section 7.212:  Mandatory Self-Reporting Of Taxi Operator Motor Vehicle And Criminal Violations.
Any person holding a taxi operator's license shall report each and every driver's license suspension, driver's license revocation and conviction of any criminal or motor vehicle offense to the City Clerk within seven (7) days of receipt of the suspension, revocation or conviction.  Failure to comply with this provision shall be cause for immediate revocation of the taxi operator's license of the person who fails to make report.
Section 7.214:  Medallion/License Suspension Or Revocation & Hearing.
A.  The Taxi Commission shall have the authority to suspend or revoke any medallion or license isued                    pursuant to this Ordinance in the event that the Commission finds that the medallion holder or licensee          has violated any provision or the Ordinance.
B.  A taxicab operator's license shall be revoked for any violation of Federal or State law or for three                      convictions of violations of local traffic ordinances.
C.  Prior to the suspension or revocation of any medallion or license, the Taxi Commission shall notify the              affected medallion holder or licensee of the pending suspension or revocation and the reason therefore.          The Commission shall also provide the affected medallion holder or licensee with a reasonable opportunity      to be heard by the Commission prior to the suspension or revocation.
D.  The Chief of Police or his/her designee shall have the authority to immediately suspend the taxi operator's      license of any individual who performs any act or makes any statement which creates an imminent threat        or risk to the safety of any person.  In the event of suspension for this reason, the person whose license        has been suspended shall have a right of appeal of the Taxi Commission pursuant to the applicable                provisions of this Ordinance.
Section 7.224:  Taxicab Stands.
A.  No owner or operator of any taxicab shall allow or permit the same to remain standing or parked                    unattended for longer than five (5) minutes at any taxi stand.
B.  No driver shall park his/her taxicab in a double line at a public stand nor shall any driver park his vehicle in      such a manner as to interfere with traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian, at any location.
C.  No more than two (2) taxis owned by any medallion holder shall occupy any one taxi stand at any one            time.
Section 7.225:  Operator's License To Be Displayed.
The operator of any taxicab shall keep his/her operator's license which shall contain a clear photograph of the operator in a conspicuous place therein where the same may be seen by any passenger riding in said cab.
Section 7.228:  Stopping
Taxi operators shall not stand or park on any street except at designated taxi stands or bus stops, except while actually engaging in taking on or discharging passengers.
Section 7.229:  General Provisions.
A.  All licenses and medallions remain the property of the City to be returned to the City in the event of                revocation or suspension.
B.  When requested by a passenger any operator shall give a written receipt for the fare paid to the said            passenger.
C.  Multiple fares are prohibited without the consent of each passenger.
D.  No operator or occupent of any taxicab shall be permitted to utilize smoking materials of any kind within the taxicab at any time.  The owner of each taxicab shall post a notice in each taxicab, plainly visible to all occupants of the taxicab, reading, "No Smoking." Click Here For More Taxi Info.

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